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Snow Sheep Hunt

Hunt Yakutsk, Okhotsk or Kolyma Snow Sheep in our August-October Tours (Hunting Times are flexible, please contact us). Kulu is the only outffiter that can organize a hunt for all 3 sub-species in one tour.
95% Success Rate average.

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  • Option 1 August
  • Option 2 September
  • Option 3 October

Brown Bear Hunt

Brown Bear Hunting is the king of Big Game Hunting trips. The Kamchatka Brown Bear offers hunters a unique opportunity to harvest trophy quality brown bears in the pristine wilderness setting near Magadan, Russia!
99% Success Rate average.

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  • Option 1 May 1 - 13
  • Option 2 May 13 - 26
  • Option 3 May 26 - June 8

Why Kulu Safaris?

Kulu Safaris is one of the oldest snow sheep and kamchatka brown bear outfitters in Russia The company has 6 base camps spread out on 2.5m acres of hunting grounds. Since 1992 Sergey Rudakov (outfitter) has been able to provide a great hunting experience for more than 700 clients, with average size for brown bear ~8.5” feet, and average curl length for Snow Sheep at 36.5” inches. Kulu Safaris can also organize a hunt for Yakutsk, Kolyma and Okhotsk Snow Sheep in one tour.

Why Magadan?

Magadan Region offers unique snow sheep and brown bear hunting experience. Terrain ranges from sharp rugged mountains almost 8000 feet high to low-land tundra with 10” feet of snow cover. The main advantage of hunting in Magadan is its location: here you can harvest 3 sub-species of Snow Sheep (Yakutsk, Okhotsk and Kolyma) and 2 subspecies of Brown Bear (Kamchatka and Siberian). Compared to other parts of Russia, Magadan is extremely underpopulated and lacks infrastructure, which allows animal populations to thrive and quickly rejuvenate.

Our services

Different outfitters run their operations differently, at Kulu Safaris  – we offer full-range of services to our bear or sheep hunters, regardless of their country of origin. You don’t need an agent to come hunt with us. Included in the price of the tour: visa and gun permit assistance, customs assistance in Moscow, all transportation from Magadan Airport to Base Camp (and back!), all accommodation once at base camp, meals, interpreter services during the hunt, 1-2 experienced hunting guides, trophy preparation, trophy certification, trophy shipping to brokers in Moscow.


Why hunt brown bear?

Kamchatka Brown Bear is the third biggest bear species after Polar and Kodiak Bear. The size of this animal is truly staggering. Average male brown bear stands 8.5” feet high and weighs 500-600kg in October. There are two ways to hunt Kamchatka Brown Bear with Kulu Safaris – by boat, coasting along the shoreline (marine or rivers) and looking for specimens to come out of the bush. Late May bears congregate on the shore because of Salmon. The second method is to use your own snowmobile, along with the guide, ride 50-100 miles everyday scouting for large bears. This option is used during the first 2 tours for Brown Bear and is mostly done in the beginning of May.


Why hunt snow sheep?

Sheep Hunting is incredibly popular in the hunting world. However, it is not an experience many can afford. Stone Sheep costs ~$60,000 and some Arghalis go for over a hundred dollars. If you hunt Snow Sheep with Kulu Safaris, you get a sheep hunting adventure, from one of the most reputed outfitters in Russia, for half the price of a Stone Sheep hunt.



visa assistance

Kulu Safaris is officially registered tour company in Russia, this allows us to issue invitation letters for foreigners. All we require is passport copy to do so. To get a Russian visa you must first obtain a letter of invitation, which we will provide once you have paid the initial deposit.

Interpreter service

English-Russian translation is included in the price of the hunting tour. There will be 1-2 English-speaking persons at the sheep or bear camp. Outfitter Mikhail Rudakov, son of Sergey Rudakov, will be present during the hunt as well.

customs clearance

We strongly urge you to travel through Moscow on your way to your hunt in Magadan. In Moscow, we can arrange for a reliable partner to meet you in the airport and navigate you through the customs clearing process.


Russian gun-permit

Kulu Safaris will assist with gun permits, required to bring your own gun to Russia. We also have experienced partners that will meet you in Moscow and assist with customs clearance. Once you have provided us with the information on your rifle scope and ammunition quantity, we will apply for the rifle permit for you.


Kulu’s staff will meet hunters in Magadan Airport. From there all transport (helicopter, car, snowmobile, boat) to and from the base camp is included in the price. During Snow Sheep Hunt – We offer one relocation with a helicopter at no extra cost, if no trophy snow sheep are spotted within 4-5 days.

Flights and accomodation

Clients are responsible for airfare and hotels on the way to Magadan. Additionally, In case of bad weather, our hunters pay for the hotels and meals while in Magadan. Hotels are decent 2*+ with $70-a-day average. Most of the time, you should expect to catch a helicopter flight to the base camp the same day as your arrival.

professional guides

Kulu Safaris prides itself on professional and highly-experienced hunting guides both for brown bear and snow sheep. Our guides are reliable and experienced, with some of them working from the very first tour with Kulu Safaris. Their trustworthiness is counted by years of experience, great success, record trophies and our clients’ confidence.


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