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About Us

"Family-owned outfitter operating since 1992"

family owned since 1992

Kulu Safaris was founded by Sergey Rudakov in 1992. The company is entirely family-owned and operated, with both Sergey’s wife Irene and his son Mikhail involved in the company’s operations. Kulu Safaris is located in Magadan, Russia. We have exclusive rights over 2.5 million acres of hunting lands, and over the years, have built 6 fully-equipped base camps around those territories.
Kulu Safaris is a well-known name in the industry – we have organized hundreds of tours for hunters like Renee Snyder, Jim Shockey, Rex Baker, Dennis Cambell and many others.

Since the creation of the company, Kulu has acquired several world record trophies and became a member of prestigious associations such as SCI (For over 25 years), OVIS (over 20 years), GAOS. Most importantly, we were able to provide hundreds of guests with unforgettable experiences, many of whom hunted with us more than once

Kulu safaris

Kulu Safaris is a Russian Outfitting Company Operating Since 1992. We have 2.5m acres of hunting lands and 6 large and well-equipped base camps, all maintained throughout the year and ready to receive groups of hunters at short notice. The founder of the company is Sergey Rudakov, former miner, who turned his passion for outdoor tourism into one of Asia’s most successful hunting outfitter companies. Sergey has more than 40 years of experience in hunting wild game in Magadan Region, specializing in brown bear hunting and snow sheep hunting. He also has more than 30 years of experience in organizing hunting tours for snow sheep and Kamchatka brown bear. Kulu Safaris is a family-owned outfitter, Sergey’s wife – Irene and his son – Mikhail, are also involved full-time in organizing hunting trips in Magadan. Since 1992, Kulu Safaris has received more than 700 hunters, with the majority arriving to hunt our Kamchatka Brown Bear, which averaged 8.5-9” feet. We also had hundreds of snow sheep hunters, with the average size of the curl measuring at 36.5” inches.

Our guides

A hunting outfitter is nothing without capable guides. Kulu Safaris is proud to have many highly experienced hunting guides working with us here in Magadan, Russia. Some of the hunt guides have been with us since the first tour. If a guide chooses to work with us, he has to go through an apprenticeship program, where he works as an assistant guide for 2 years, before he could go on to guide hunts 1-on-1 with a hunter or accept an assistant guide himself.

Our base camps

Kulu Safaris is known for well-maintained base camps both for brown bear hunting and snow sheep hunting. Every base camp is equipped with several electricity generators, sometimes solar power. We have a large kitchen and dining hall, separate from all other buildings, where we always serve delicious Russian Cuisine (freshly-baked bread, borsch, dumplings, perogi, plov etc).
Dining halls also serve as operational centers where guides and hunters meet to discuss hunting brown bears or snow sheep. Kulu Safaris employs only professional local cooks from Magadan, that we know personally. Hunting cabins are warm and cozy, with enough space for 3-4 hunters each. All cabins have windows and woodstoves. For those wishing to relax after a tough hunt, saunas and/or hot showers are available also at every camp.

Spike camps

Satellite communication is at hand at every base camp in Magadan Region. Moreover, every guide carries an Iridium satellite phone with him to ensure safety and coordination during a brown bear or snow sheep hunt. The number of hunters for each season determines which base camps to be opened. If the snow sheep hunters’ group is small, Kulu Safaris will set up spike camps across an area with a saturated sheep population. Such spike camps will also have warm showers, electricity. Instead of cabins, canvas wall tents with wood stoves will be used. Kulu Safaris is a responsible hunting outfitter, we do our share to keep brown bear and snow sheep populations healthy and vibrant. Kulu recycles hunting locations almost every year and reports any illegal activity to corresponding authorities. Garbage is either burned or collected and taken to Magadan at the end of bear or snow sheep hunts. 


Kulu Safaris leases large hunting territory of approximately 2,500,000 acres. Six base camps are located in remote mountainous areas abundant in wildlife and trophy game (see map). We constantly observe and scout new areas within the Magadan Region looking for other good spots to set camps on for the pleasure of our customers.

Kulu Safaris leases large territory of 2.5 million acres over which it operates 5 base camps equipped with kitchens and saunas as well as dozens of hunting cabins spread out across unpopulated and untouched Siberian Wilds.

our services

Besides hunting itself, Kulu provides a full set of necessary services for the preparation of visa and authorization documents for the client (an invitation, the permission of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to transport weapons and ammunition, veterinary permits for the export of trophies, including export licenses, hunting tickets, etc.); transportation to base and intermediate camps, including helicopter flights; service maintenance by guides, translators, cooks, workers.
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