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Brown Bear & Snowsheep Hunting Trips in Magadan, Russa

What We Offer

Kulu Safaris is proud to offer elite hunting trips for Kamchatka Brown Bear and Russian Snow Sheep . Both hunts begin in the airport of Magadan and require helicopter fly-in and fly-out to the base (or spike) camp (included in the price). Most of the hunts will be 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 (one guide, one assistant guide). Pure hunting time will be 10-12 days. An interpreter is always available during tours. 

Snow Sheep Hunt

Hunt Yakutsk, Okhotsk or Kolyma Snow Sheep in our August-October Tours (Hunting Times are flexible, please contact us). Kulu is the only outffiter that can organize a hunt for all 3 sub-species in one tour.
95% Success Rate average.

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  • Option 1 August
  • Option 2 September
  • Option 3 October

Brown Bear Hunt

Brown Bear Hunting is the king of Big Game Hunting trips. The Kamchatka Brown Bear offers hunters a unique opportunity to harvest trophy quality brown bears in the pristine wilderness setting near Magadan, Russia!
99% Success Rate average.

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  • Option 1 May 1 - 13
  • Option 2 May 13 - 26
  • Option 3 May 26 - June 8
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