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Brown Bear & Snow Sheep Hunting Outfitter | Recognized Worldwide Est. 1992

Thanks so much for the excellent hunt. Could not have been happier! From the time Irene and Mike had picked me up until I left you could not have better organized or more personal. Many thanks to the Rudakovs. I was treated with utmost respect and professional service. I feel I have new friends. The local guides were excellent, friendly and extremely hard workers, Mike made me feel at home, very helpful with his English skills, an intelligent, respectful man. One of my favourite hunts. Very well organized. The fact you moved me twice with MI-2 was an indication of your desire for me to get my ram and very generous. Watch Latham Myers hunting snow sheep with Kulu Safaris on YouTube.

George Latham Myers

I am very thankful for everything. Those 2 snow sheep mark my 20/20 GSCO.Both trophies are top 20 SCI too!! I could not be any happier.Thanks again for everything and I look forward to hunting Yakutia snow sheep with you in 2020! I am very impressed with the guides’ experience. They are tough, smart and extremely patient. They can even cook well! Overall, I would recommend them to my family!


I had a very nice hunt with you for Kolyma Snow sheep. Guides were excellent and very professional. I did enjoy the hunt and found everything very well organized. The hunt itself was a bit rough and challenging, but we managed to get a very fine ram.

Ruiz gallodron

I was first in the camp for the year and Sergey the guide knew the area very well and the hunt took two days once we got good weather. All was good ! Thank you!


Great hunt! Will come back for more sheep with you in the future!

Richard Sand

I had a wonderful and a very successful hunt for all three snow sheep.Thanks to my capable, efficient and courteous staff! I will certaintly recommend your organization to others. Thank you very much for a great and memorable experience!

Renne Snyder

This hunt was truly one of the best experiences of my life. The amazing organization of KULU both before and during our hunt was the best I have experienced. Thank you Sergey and Irene my friends from Russia for another wonderful hunt! I look for many more.

Gary D. Young

I am very pleased to have had an opportunity to be here and be able to harvest the Big Russian Brown Bear.

Ronald Silva

What an experience! Sergey and Irene welcomed us with a red carper treatment. The hunting was unbelievable and the scenery was spectacular! We all had an incredible time. KULU Safaris runs a fantastic operation. Their guides are superior woodsmen and are excellent hunters. I would recommend them to anyone interested in an adventure of a lifetime! Thank you!

Andy Cool

I enjoyed the hunt. Everybody was excellent. I would enjoy returning to hunt some time in the future!

Alden Glidden

The operation of the business is excellent. My guide Sergey Zuev is the best and also a friend. KULU is a very good outfitter ! Thank you for a great hunt!

Todd Fry

Great hunt! Thank you very much.

Harlan King

This was not only a hunt of a lifetime, but an experience of life time I will never forget! Thank you to all the camps staff and guides, they were good, honest and hard working men who took care of my every need. Special thanks to my guide Sergey Rudakov, I was honoured to have you as my guide. You did the ultimate job of getting me 2 trophy bears, I will never forget an experience with you. Thank you! I will be back one of these days.

Bruce Harbour

This was an exciting hunt in great country. The mountains were amazing. I enjoyed hunting with you very much.

Walter Coram

The best commentary would be my wish to come to hunt with Kulu once again.

Konstantin Ponimasov

I loved everything, will be back to hunt with Kulu for sure.

Oleg Gusakov

I highly recommend KULU Safaris.

Rex Baker

Everything was great. Guides were knowledgeable of terrain and animals. Very skilled. Loved being with them. Great company.

Roy Gully

The hunt was a good experience.

Wilbur Hobgood

This trip blew away all my expectations. My guide Pasha was amazing.The memories that I have experienced will stay with me forever. My feelings for the Russian people and this country have also changed due to this trip. I cannot say anything negative about this whole operation or all the people we have dealt with. Very organized. I felt safe this whole trip. Thank you for the memories. God Bless the Russian people.

John Bravata

This was my third hunt with KULU Safaris (for 3 different snow sheep) and each trip has gotten better! Spike camps with KULU are better than most base camps I have been in throughout Russia. It was great! KULU has set a standard that other Russian outfitters should follow. Thanks from the botoom of my heart for everything! PS Vasiliy is one the best guides I have hunted with worldwide! I am glad I have been able to harvest all three snow sheep species with him!

Larry Higgins

The base camp was great. You guys are great

Stan Golub

We had a short hunt but a great time and I will be going back for Yakutia snow sheep and possibly brown bear in the spring.

Mike Letourneau

I`ve got great pleasure. Everything is real. Sometimes you have to leave all artificial and urban behind you and plunge into real life. The nature is fantastic. The stuff is sympathetic and open. The outfitter is great. My expectations were proved.

Sergei Glushkov

I have been on more that fifty hunts and this one was the best all round hunt- there is nothing I would change- Be back with Todd ! The entire experience from the time we were picked up in the airport until we left was conducted with utmost professionalism and respect. The respect showed towards me was very unusual in hunting camps, but was very much appreciated. Ivan’s treatment toward our group could be used for a model for all human interactions. My guide was excellent.

Mr. David Koranski

I had a very good time hunting sheep with KULU Safaris. The base camp was excellent. Everyone gave me more service and consideration than I have received at almost any other camp I have been at. All in all I would highly recommend KULU to my friends. Thank you for everything.

Alex Brucker

It was great to be back and to hunt with KULU once again. Sergey and Irene, you are both best in Russia and anywhere else.

Dennis Campbell

Very professional! The best!

Darryl Hosker

I had a trip of a life time, better than Australia or Africa. The mountains, the camp, atmosphere, the guides made me feel at home in my element. I will send my son to enjoy what I have enjoyed and you know I myself will return again. Thank you for a memory I will have forever.

Gregory Simoneau

Best camp I came across in Asia and Russia all these years. Never came across in Europe or Asia such attention to cleanliness in the field or in the camp. Congratulations to KULU Safaris and whole team. Thank you.

Peter Kaindl

I have been in Russia several times with other outfitters and for sure KULU is the best I have seen. I rate KULU as one of the best outfitters I have hunted with over the years around the world

John Gulius

I was pleased with your whole operation. Everything was good and well organized. I was really impressed. I was thoroughly pleased with everything from start to finish. I have hunted all over North America , with many guides, and I must say that I rate your hunting trip as one of the best I have experienced. I cant thank you enough for everything you did for me.

Barry Young

Hunt was great, got nice Ram! Had great time!

Eugene Bell

The organization is excellent. The hunt was well planned with excellent equipment. KULU is an outstanding operation. Please keep your high standards!

Russell Young

Amazing staff, attentive, friendly. All the guides aim to get things done. I really liked the hunt

Mikhail Goryunov

I want to say THANK YOU to everyone at KULU Safaris for the hunt of a lifetime!!! This was the best adventure/hunt I have experienced in my entire life! I will return for Yakutia and Kolyma with KULU Safaris!!! THank you again Sergey and Irene for the precious memories. Also Dimitry and Andrew were the best guides I have ever had. Dimitry cooks so well he could work at the Hilton Hotel!!! We laughed all the time and had lots of fun!

Myles Woloshyn

Just a great experience and I enjoyed every minute! Todd Fry and KULU Safaris did a great job of taking care of travel details, equipment lists and all relatinf to the hunt. Thanks.

Harold Grinde

Everything was very nice! I think you guys do a nice job! Thank you.

Carl Rose

You run a very good professional organization. Everything was very good.

Alan Means

Very happy with the entire hunt!

Bryan Hauck

Both guides worked very hard to make the snow sheep hunt a success. I will gladly hunt with these guides again.

Ed Yates

It was a great hunt and I got 2 great bears.

Shane Edelen

KULU staff responded to my email questions immediately, something I especially appreciated. No other Russian outfitter does this in such a timely manner. Pre-hunt correspondence made me feel confident that I was prepared for the hunt. KULU Safaris definitely the GOLD STANDARD of Asian hunting , from whom all other outfitters and booking agents should learn a lesson. I never experienced such a level of quality and excellence in any other Asian outfitter.Everything from camps to guides to equipment far exceeded my expectations! Many thanks for a wonderful hunt!

Bruce Keller

Kulu Safaris is definitely the Gold Standard of Asian hunting, from whom all other outfitters and booking agents should learn a lesson. I have never experienced such a level of quality and excellence in any other Asian outfitter. Everything, from camps to guides to equipment far exceeded my wildest expectation. Congratulations, and many thanks for a wonderful hunt.

Andrey Ignatieff

It was a very good and successful hunt I really enjoyed everything.

John David Loveland

Todd Fry and KULU Safaris did a great job from start to finish. Had a super time. Will tell my friends to book hunts with you! Thank you.

Randy Darby

Very enjoyable trip. Enjoyed hunting and people very much. Stephen is an excellent guide, very professional hunter and good person (I feel I made a good friend). Looking forward for hunting with Stephen again for sheep possible in a year or two/ Thanks again for a true hunt of a lifetime.

Leo Charbonnaeu

I very much appreciate the excellent organization here in Magadan and in the camp. The camp was in excellent condition and the staff took care of us. I will not forget friendliness of the people. I thank KULU Safaris for its hospitality, friendliness and organizational skills

Joachim Ball

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