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Joachim Ball

Joachim Ball

I very much appreciate the excellent organization here in Magadan and in the camp. The camp was in excellent condition and the staff took care of us. I will not forget friendliness of the people. I thank KULU Safaris for its hospitality, friendliness and...
Joachim Ball

Leo Charbonneau

Very enjoyable trip. Enjoyed hunting and people very much. Stephen is an excellent guide, very professional hunter and good person (I feel I made a good friend). Looking forward for hunting with Stephen again for sheep possible in a year or two/ Thanks again for a...
Joachim Ball

Alex Brucker

I had a very good time hunting sheep with KULU Safaris. The base camp was excellent. Everyone gave me more service and consideration than I have received at almost any other camp I have been at. All in all I would highly recommend KULU to my friends. Thank you for...
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