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Snow Sheep Hunt

We offer hunting for Yakutsk, Kolyma and Okhotsk Sub-Species. Video
  • $29500 $10900 (additional trophy)

    Total Price

    Option 1 August Option 2 September Option 3 October
  • 95%

    Success Rate
  • 33-37"

    Average Size
  • 50-300

    Short Distance (Yards)


All hunts begin and end at the airport of Magadan. We meet our clients on their arrival and take them directly to the base/spike camp by helicopter, or in the event of non-flying weather we move them to a Magadan hotel. Hotel and meals expenses while in town are the responsibility of our clients.

Upon arrival to the Spike camp, you will rest, sight your rifle, get to know your guides and check the equipment. Spike camps come equipped with large tents, metal stoves, electricity. During the hunt, you will also more than likely to set up overnight fly-camps. 

Hunting is done by stalking they prey, average shooting distance – 150 yards, average altitude around 3000-5000 feet. Guides, at all times, carry their own rifles, binoculars, satellite phones, fly tents, food supplies. The guides are also skilled in taking trophy pictures and preparing the trophies according to international standards. Upon completion of the hunt, you will fly-out back to Magadan.

Kulu Safaris offers some of the most sought after snow sheep species you can hunt for.  With our untouched territories boast high populations of trophy quality Yakutsk, Kolyma and Okhotsk Sub-Species of Snow Sheep.  Our guided snow sheep hunts have played host to some of the biggest names in the industry!

Hunting Snow Sheep with Kulu

If your goal is to harvest a great Snow Sheep, Magadan Region is the best way to start. This region is approximately the size of France, with a population of just over 140,000 people. Infrastructure is lacking and most snow sheep hunting areas with saturated and healthy populations are accessible only by helicopter. The terrain is mostly rolling hills transitioning to rocky ridges. The average altitude of the sheep hunt is 3000-4000 feet. Some areas, especially closer to Yakutia feature Alps-like mountains with alpine fields and gorgeous vistas. Snow Sheep Hunting Method is stalking, the difficulty of the hunt – very physically challenging. We expect our hunters to show up in a decent “sheep shape” prior to hunting in the mountains. 

Kulu Safaris is the only outfitter that can offer Snow Sheep hunting out of a fully-equipped base camp located on the highlands, at the altitude of ~3000 feet. However, a certain number of sheep hunters (6+) in one cohesive group is required to open such a base camp. If the number of sheep hunters is less than that, Kulu Safaris will offer sheep hunts from Spike Camps. Such Spike Camps do come equipped with large canvas wall tents, wood stoves, warm showers, a large supply of food, electricity, satellite communication. For sheep hunts, we usually offer the following set up: 1 hunter, 1 main guide (with 5+ years of experience in hunting sheep), 1-2 assistant guides, an interpreter. Some of the assistant guides speak English and therefore serve as English-Russian interpreters. You will set out of the spike camp with a full hunting party, gain altitude, and set up a sheep camp for one night. From the sheep camp, you will scout the whole mountain ridge – it is up to the main guide to making the decision about possibly splitting the sheep hunting group and covering more ground or staying together. After one or two nights at the altitude, you will go down back to the spike camp, rest, then proceed to scout the opposite mountain ridge. If no snow sheep presence is detected after 4-5 days of hunting, Kulu Safaris will move the whole party with a helicopter to a different location. Only one relocation is included in the price. 


Shooting a Snow Sheep: Average shot distance for snow sheep is 200 yards. Be prepared to shoot for 400 yards and at an angle if needed. The guide will assist with range-finding. Once a sheep trophy is spotted, expect long arduous stalking – snow sheep has incredible eyesight. You will often see the snow sheep herds or individual animals on slopes of mountains, either feeding on green patches or resting on sandy areas. Sometimes, you will be able to catch snow sheep moving through sheep trails. The best times to hunt sheep are early morning and late afternoon, which is why fly camping is advised. 


Magadan Region is home to three subspecies of snow sheep: Yakutsk, Okhotsk, and Kolyma Snow Sheep. Kulu Safaris is the only outfitter in the world that organizes tours for all 3 subspecies on its own hunting territories. Snow Sheep have shoulder height of 36-39 inches (91-99 cm). Weight 180-230 pounds (82-104 kg). Snow sheep are about the same size as Dall Sheep and a little bit smaller than Stone Sheep. Snow Sheep have compact, muscular bodies and relatively long legs. The hoofs have 2 soft, cushiony pads that act as shock absorbers and provide grip. Snow Sheep Hair texture is somewhat different from that of the Dall or Stone Sheep – it is much thicker and provides for more warmth. In winter the coat of the snow sheep changes drastically and resembles that of the domesticated sheep, with long, shaggy hair. The horns are similar to those of the Dall and Stone Sheep of North America, with color scheme ranging from dark brown to blonde yellow. 
Okhotsk snow sheep

Okhotsk snow sheep: Widely recognized as the largest of the Snow Sheep size-wise, Okhotsk Snow Sheep can be found West from Magadan. The summer coat is usually more grayish in comparison to the fur of the other Snow Sheep Subspecies. Rump patch and the belly are usually white. Typical size of the horns varies, but our trophies measure 36.5” inches average and 13.5” inches in thickness. Okhotsk Snow Sheep has large white areas on the face. Within the Magadan Region, the boundary is the southern route of the Trans-Siberian Highway, from the city of Magadan until it crosses the border of Yakutia. The boundary then goes south and follows the border of Yakutia. The area for the Okhotsk snow sheep in Magadan is similar to the area size for Yakutsk Snow sheep. Our world records for Snow sheep were namely Okhotsk snow sheep: in 2007 Stanley Golub (USA)  had taken 41+ inch horns sheep (165+ points) and in 2014 Richard Sand (Denmark) took a monster with 42” horns (173 points).

Yakutsk Snow Sheep
Yakutsk snow sheep: Similar in coloration to Okhotsk Snow Sheep, although slightly smaller in body and horn size. This snow sheep is the most widely distributed out of all Snow Sheep Species. The average size of the horns is 33-36 inches (85-91 cm) long. The majority of these subspecies are found in the Yakutia region of Siberia. All the sheep located in the Yakutia region are considered to be Yakutsk snow sheep. Within the Magadan Region, the eastern boundary is the Kolyma River until it intersects with the southern route of the Trans-Siberian Highway. The boundary then runs westerly until the Trans-Siberian Highway intersects with the border of Yakutia.
Kolyma Snow Sheep

Kolyma snow sheep : Kolyma Snow Sheep is similar in size and appearance to Kamchatka Snow Sheep. It is larger than Yakutsk and Koryak Snow Sheep in body and horn size. Coloration is also brownish, rather than grayish. Kolyma snow sheep is one of the least populous species and one of the hardest snow sheep subspecies to organize hunting for. This snow sheep species is found only in the Magadan Region, and predominantly in the Kolyma Mtn. range. The eastern boundary is considered to be the large river valley west of the Koryak Mountains of the Koryak Autonomous Region. The northern boundary is considered to be the Chukotka Autonomous Region border. The western boundary is considered to be the border of Yakutia, from the Omolon River to the Kolyma River. The western boundary follows the Kolyma River to the Trans-Siberian Highway. The southern boundary is considered to be the Trans-Siberian Highway, which begins in the city of Magadan. This actually runs in a northerly direction. For all practical purposes, the range of the Kolyma sheep is west of the Koryak Mountains down through the Kolyma range of mountains, which are east of the Kolyma River.

Hunting snow sheep in magadan

Magadan Region is Russia’s hidden gem and not only because of our gorgeous nature. Snow Sheep and animal populations, in general, are very healthy compared to other parts of the world. Due to mountainous terrain, it is very hard to build infrastructure. Most areas with the most saturated populations of moose, bears, snow sheep, and caribou do not have roads, even trails. In summer, getting to such places means you need to buy helicopter time. Kulu Safaris is stationed in Magadan, with 2.5m acres of hunting grounds that strategically cover areas with the most saturation of all 3 Snow Sheep subspecies. If you are on a journey to score a Grand Slam or harvest all sheep species, hunting in Magadan with Kulu Safaris can give you a fantastic boost of 3 recognized species and an amazing sheep hunting experience. 

The weather conditions during Snow Sheep hunt highly depend on the hunting season. At Kulu Safaris we offer hunting from August 1st to October 10th. During August you can expect warm and humid weather with temperature ranging from very hot during the day (up to 90F) to fresh during mornings (Around 50F). Night temperatures rarely go below 32F. Expect to see light rains and heavy fog.
September will still provide warm days with up to 75F, but snow and freezing rain are possible. Expects night temperatures to drop below zero. Late September and October – light snow cover possible. Expect average temperatures to be around 30F-35F. It will be cold at night, a warm sleeping bag is advised.
Snow Sheep Guides
Snow Sheep Guides: Kulu’s Professional hunting guides will accompany you on your journey to a great Snow Sheep trophy. Their responsibilities include: taking care of hunting equipment, meal preparation, carrying walkie-talkies and satellite phones, carrying their own rifles, and being ready to protect the hunter at all times. The guides are expected to assist with any shooting situation in terms of ranging and advising which animal to shoot. After the sheep trophy is taken, hunting guides will skin the trophy, transport horns, skulls, hides and meat to the base camp and cure the hide/horns there. Many of our guides have 10+ years of experience and a long track record of achieving 37”+ snow sheep.

What you need to know prior to the trip

Mountain hunting is some of the most demanding athletic endeavours out there, hunting for Snow Sheep is no exception. Sheep hunters are expected to hike all day at an altitude of up to 7000 feet, crossing sharp rocks, climbing shale slides and fighting through pine bush. You should prepare for the worst and show up in “sheep shape”. To prepare for a snow sheep hunt, we recommend hunters to hike several hours per day, purchase high quality mosquito protection and invest in high-quality, light-weight gear. August day temperatures can range from mid-40s to mid-90s fahrenheit. At night expect 40s-50s. September: light snow is possible. Day temperatures – anywhere from 30s to 80s. Night temperatures often drop several degrees below zero.


Price Breakdown

Price includes:

  • Transportation during the hunt including helicopter***
  • Rifle & ammunition permits
  • Invitation required for Russian visas
  • All necessary export documentation for your trophy
  • All licenses and permits necessary for the hunt
  • Services of guide(s), interpreter, cook
  • Trophy care and preparation for transportation
  • Accommodation & meals in the camp
  • Transportation to/from base camp by helicopter and from base camp to spike camp and one relocation from spike camp to spike camp

Price does not include:

  • Return flights to Magadan
  • Excess luggage fee
  • Rifle transportation fee
  • Service fee of meeting person in Moscow and in Khabarovsk, hotel/meals/transfer expenses in Moscow and in Khabarovsk
    accommodation and meals in Magadan before and after hunt (if needed)
    personal telephone calls (satellite phone calls from base camps at $3 per minute)
  • Passport & visa expenses
  • Gratuities and personal shopping
  • Trophy shipping cost
  • Personal first-aid set (aspirin, diarrhea med, antibiotics, and whatever else you need (only with prescription). Make sure all drugs are in their original containers and you carry a prescription for them.
  • Books to read in bad weather.
  • Additional relocation(s) and observation helicopter flights as per request of client.

Equipment List

Clothes, footwear and other.

  • Arctic parka (insulated and waterproof)
  • Suit with waterproof trousers for wearing in the camp or for movement in mountains.
  • 2-3 pairs of warm underwear.
  • 4-5 pairs of warm cotton socks.
  • A couple of warm sweaters.
  • High waterproof boots/waders.
  • High light boots for short hikes or good weather.
  • Slippers with a waterproof bottom to use at camp.
  • Two pairs of warm and less warm gloves.
  • Warm hat with a water-repellent top.
  • A warm windproof hat with visor.
  • Knitted hat.
  • Sleeping Mat.
  • Sleeping bag.
  • Personal accessories (towels, toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving kit, etc.)
  • Personal first-aid set (aspirin, diarrhea med, antibiotics, and whatever else you need (only with prescription). Make sure all drugs are in their original containers and you carry a prescription for them.
  • Books to read in bad weather.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Sunburn cream.
  • Moisture cream.
  • Lipstick.
  • Passport, travel documents, hunters’ card, required permits.
  • Rifle and gun cases (please, have your gun registered at US Customs prior to the trip)
  • Ammunition (40 rounds recommended) – must be kept in a separate bag from the gun.
  • Binoculars (10×40) with a case.
  • Terrestrial telescope with tripod (optional).
  • Comfortable Hiking Backpack.
  • 3+ tags with your name and address on them to attach to your trophies and trophy bags.
  • Headlamp+batteries.
  • Lighter, matches.
  • Mackintosh or cloak for walking.

Important Notes

Before you inquire, please read the following terms and conditions:

deposit of 50% of the total tour price is required to book your tour for the current year. At least 25% should be paid before 15 January of the same year to secure your spot. Another 25% should be transferred at least 30 days prior to the tour start date.

Deposits are nonrefundable unless:

  1. The guest has found a person to replace him/her for the same tour no later than 60 days prior to the tour).
  2. If the client wishes to postpone the tour until next year, Kulu has to be notified no later than 9 months before the beginning of the hunt. The deposit will be transferred to the next year and the client will be charged a USD $500 penalty for postponing the hunt/tour. A tour may only be postponed once.
  3. Other arrangements have been made with Kulu Safaris.

If you book the hunt/tour more than 12 months in advance, you can pay a USD $1,000 deposit (non refundable) to reserve a spot. However, it does not guarantee the price will remain fixed. If 60% of the hunt price is paid the price will remain unchanged.

NOTE: For deposits of 60% or more, we will refund the deposit less $500 if the customer notified Kulu Safaris about the cancellation not less than 12 months before the start of the hunt. The refund will be transferred within 30 days. If a client wants to move a snowmobile tour and has notified Kulu Safaris not later than 9 months before the start of the tour, the tour will be moved without penalties. These terms are only valid for hunts and tours that have been booked with Kulu Safaris directly.

Additional Notes:

  1. Dates can be moved 1-2 days according to air flights schedule. Duration of all hunts is usually 13 days including travel to and from base camps.Prices are the subject to change without notice
  2. A wounded animal is considered a trophy
  3. You can bring a hunting companion for $600 USD a day
  4. All prices are expressed in USD, all transactions will be held at exchange rate set by Central Bank of Russia at the day of the transaction.

If you wish to book a tour, Please read our FAQ and T&Cs, then email us at Kulusafaris@gmail.com

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